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On January 12, 2014 by admin

Ciao! w chocolates.

After months since the last post big surprises on the horizon. Maybe it will appear one more author to write the posts and also in honor of our Nacci exile in America i will try to write in English!
Large and positive changes in recent months. But I do not want to talk about this but i’m writing to confirm that I like to take pictures in the same place at the same surfers.
When I thought that photography would pay and I lost time writing emails suggesting my photos I was told that I was just in the wrong way. This because my photos are always in the same places with the same people. Hahaha so take more of these and I confirm once more that I like to take pictures that way. Here are my favorite subjects:
epic photo

All this is not to say that I hate to take pictures in other places, I like to travel, but now get this pleasure:



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